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After severe difficulties in the 1990’s Bulgaria is becoming one of the most attractive sites for German outsourcing and investment. Here prevail informational and communication technologies, as well as food industry. 

Bulgaria (Bulgarija) borders with Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. Since 1st of January 2007 the country is member of the EU. By it’s size of 110.099 m² Bulgaria has about 7,7 million residents. 1,2 million people live in the capital Sofia.

Bulgaria is considered to be an important transit country between Central Europe and Near East. There are well developed railway and highway networks (although there are still very few motorways), four international airports (Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv) and two seaports, as well as river stations. The most important economic sectors are chemical industry, food industry, tobacco, metallurgy, machine-building, textile industry, glass and porcelain industry, coal mining, steel production, power engineering and tourism.

Germany is the most important trade partner of Bulgaria. Over 4500 German companies trade with Bulgaria, 1200 of them have their representatives in the country. In 2005, the German-Bulgarian trade volume reached about 2,9 milliards €. German exports to Bulgaria have reached 1,8 milliards €, while the imports from Bulgaria have reached 1,1 milliards €. The high investment needs of the Bulgarian economy supply, together with low wages and well-trained personnel, many chances for long-term oriented investors.

Especially it concerns wage-intensive or humble production facilities (small scall or special machine-building, food processing industry, production of automobile spare parts, garment and software development). Furthermore, there are good perspectives for investments in tourism, where a shortage of high quality offers is still to be observed. The spheres of individual tourism, ecotourism, sport and special interest tourism or winter sports are to be developed.


7,72 Mln.


21,14 Mrd. €

GDP / per capita

2.744 €

GDP growth


Unemployment quota


Since 2004 Spelleken Associates have been engaged in recruiting, training and projects of production set-up, specially in the food industry and building industry in Bulgaria.

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