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With again over 7 % growth Romania has become the European boom land. After the records of contract manufacturing in the 90th, Romania became a real technological cluster: Timisoara for automotive, Sibiu and Cluj for logistics and electro-technical, Brasov, Bucharest and Constanta for services have recovered the earlier Romanian advantages again.

Romania borders with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova. The population of Romania is 21,5 millions. About 10 % of the population lives in the capital Bucharest. In July 2007, the average net wage in Romania was about 1402 RON, which is about 448 €.

Since 2007 Romania (Romania) with its capital Bucharest is the member of the EU. The introduction of € as the new national currency is planned for the year 2014. Already in 2012 Romania is going to reach the preliminary level of the € introduction and joins the European mechanism of currency exchange ERM-II.

Since several years Romanian industry experienced structural changes. The trend leads to technologically refined products. The sector of machine-building is internationally competitive and future oriented, especially regarding equipment and devices, shipbuilding and automotive assembling. Especially automotive industry and automobile spare parts industry is considered an engine of development towards modern industrial landscape.

There is a real boom in the construction and building materials’ industries. At least, till the year 2010, a growth of 10 to 12 % is expected here. This boom is possible because of many urgently necessary infrastructure projects in the sectors of highway and railway construction. Furthermore, good chances for development are seen in the sectors of machine and plant manufacture, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, sector of insurance and tourism and the furniture industry.


21,57 Mln.


97,2 Bln.€

GDP / per capita

4.503 €

GDP growth


Unemployment quota


Since 1997 Spelleken Assoc. has been supporting Romanian towns, institutes and corporations  in cooperation and management consulting. Now Spelleken Assoc. are present in Bucharest by its own subsidiary. Due to wide language competences and multinational profile Spelleken Associates offer complex and updated programs for Romania: equally with the search and comparison of real state it is production facility management, recruiting and management training. Like in Moldova and Ukraine, the instruments for retention of industrial personnel are applied in Romania.

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