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In these years, underestimated Serbia is revealing its competence.  After disturbances on Balkan and fatal developments in the Alban populated areas, the EU is developing with Serbia a central market for outsourcing, services and sales.

The capital of Serbia (Serbija) is Belgrade. It is also a trade and transport centre of the region. Serbia is situated in the centre of the Balkan peninsula and borders in the north with Hungary, in the east with Romania and Bulgaria, in the south with Macedonia and Albania, in the south-west with Montenegro and in the west with Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia. Serbia has about 9,4 millions citizens.

About two millions of them live in the capital Belgrade. The average net wage was in January 2007 about 350 euros. The majority of companies in Serbia were state enterprises. In 2002 the privatisation of these enterprises started in order to promote investments and create working places. In 2006, Serbia got over 4 billions € of FDI (in 2005 ca. 1,5 Mrd €) that partially were collected from privatisation of banking institutions and state enterprises. The privatisation is finished till the end of 2007. The most important economic sector is agriculture (including food processing), which harvests vary strongly thanks to climate influences.

The development is still too slow and carried out, first of all, by the services and construction sectors. The formerly well developed Serbian industry became obsolete and fell into decay. To realize the sales chances of industrial products in the EU common market, the massive imports of foreign know-how and capital is necessary. Short-term and middle-term projects in the sphere of infrastructure rehabilitation are interesting for foreign enterprises. Germany together with Russia and Italy are the most important economic partners.   


9,4 Mln.


16,58 Bln. €

GDP / per capita

2.712 €

GDP growth


Unemployment quota

Ca. 30%

Since 1999 having been active in Serbia, Spelleken Assoc. have carried out projects for the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, for InWEnt, and for several industrial clients.  The main goals are automobile spare parts, construction industry, garment and food industry. In 2008, in Montenegro a tourist project is going to start.

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