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Though the political crisis of Ukraine has been threatened economy and populations, it could be the start of a new orientation towards modernization and growth. The traditionally Russia-oriented industrialized East has reoriented towards reconciliation with the Western community being Catholic and facing quick steps for democracy. At the beginning of 2008, the country presents itself as an attractive investment site and a turntable between the East and the West.

The Ukraine (Ukrajina) gained its sovereignty on 24 August 1991. It borders with Poland, Byelorussia, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Republic of Moldova. There are about 46,65 millions residents in the Ukraine. About 2,6 millions of them live in the capital Kiev. The Ukraine is the second, after Russia, biggest state of Europe.

The Ukrainian economy has been growing constantly after its deep crisis after independence. The highest rates of the growth are observed in the trade, transport and construction industry. The economical growth and the social-politically motivated wage and pension rise led to increase of average earnings (in 2006: nominal 29,2%) and therefore to the visible rise in living standards in the Ukraine.

Such rise is especially profitable for the trade, for the producers of consumer goods, construction industry and services sector. The most important Ukrainian export goods are traditionally metallurgical products, chemical goods, machines, equipment, food and fabrics. The most important German export goods are means of transport, machines, electro technical goods and chemical products. The most important Ukrainian export goods: textile fabrics / garment, metals / alloys / metal goods and also chemical goods. More and more foreign companies invest into enterprises and build foreign subsidiaries, on the one hand, because of very favorable wages by good qualification and, on the other hand, in order to earn market shares in the Ukraine. At present, there are about 1.200 enterprises with German shares in Ukraine, 620 of them are joint ventures, 250 are representatives and 330 are branch establishments. Germany, after Russia, is the second most important trade partner of the Ukraine.

Population 46,65 Mln
GDP 83,1 Bln €
GDP / per capita 1.780 €
GDP growth 7,0%
Unemployment quota 2,7%

Spelleken Associates are present in Ukraine since 2005 after some first projects in IT and logistics during the 90s. The main goals of their activity are garment industry, automobile and food industry. There are partners and projects in Lviv, Odessa and Kiev.

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