Spelleken Associates ...wir begleiten Globalisierung.  
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We Accompany Globalisation

   Hans-Gerd Spelleken, economist, and associated partners provide management consulting and development co-operation at once. Spelleken Assoc. have accumulated knowledge and experience about the institutional, industrial and cultural conditions in the developing and transition countries of Europe and the Americas.

   The mission of Spelleken Assoc. is to show the way to cost-efficient locations for production and new sales markets. Local knowledge and networks, project management experience and the intercultural comprehension make the intervention beneficiary for many ambitious corporations on their way to offshore opportunities. Cross-country strategies have got more relevant for both sides. We accompany globalisation.

   The use of relevant and sometimes innovative funding for development and export promotion speed up the rapid pay-off. In the philosophy of Public-Private-Partnership, Spelleken Assoc. integrate multilateral or national promotion strategies into the expansion strategy of most clients. Public and corporate attitude grow together and ensure the sustainable support of both.

The Committment

   Spelleken Assoc. use established tools and instruments in mixed teams of business administrators, economists and engineers. In the particular partner countries’ network we have solid allies. Long-term co-operation in the tandem of local junior and German senior consultant and lean, service-oriented management support straight implementation. All this tight and transparent methodology ensures country-specific high quality and authentic solutions in the described service flows.

   Our philosophy is based on a few principles:

  • Economy and Sustainability belong together, we particularly assure the international expansion of our clients by considering environmental challenges and integrate them into the business system.

  • Organisational development only comes from inside, self-organisation willingness to perform and quality systems are successful when being supported by the local ressources.

  • Sound private investment deserves public support, any governments and international institutions do support good corporate citizens, our clients get the access to well fitting funds and promotion programs.

  • Plan globally - implement locally, since successful corporate strategies are globally made, we help to
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