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   You might have a capable team for production and sales. Your growth requires to expand into foreign markets and to decentralise management responsibilities. The investment in potential foreign places implies risks. We help to screen and to monitor these risks and to calculate them. In particular, human resources are your first concern, since your profile and USP are there. For this reason, we see the HRD first and have techniques to develop your foreign team according to your core organisation.

   Spelleken Assoc. offers the following services of consulting and training:

  • Search and selection of personnel: Assessment Centre, Training and procurement of key qualification, coaching
  • Organisational development: assistance when building up the organisation and developing it locally, interim-management, preparation for certification in ISO 9000
  • Training in personal management: agenda, team und monitoring
  • Intercultural training: familiarisation and training of the head office staff with the framework and setting of the foreign market (Modules: Arabian World, CIS, Romania/Albania/Kosovo)
  • Relocation support: facilitation of housing, training and briefing towards the local conditions, organising infrastructure for integration of the German employees (including their families) at that place
Outperformers from Walachia by Global Recruiting™


Global Recruiting™


5 to 15 thsd. €

Implementation Period

6 to 8 weeks

Time-Lag to Impact

10 to 12 weeks

Type of Result

To get national player abroad

   Spelleken Assoc. seek outstanding management talents in transition and developing countries. The success of such search process depends on:

  • creative sources
  • analytical selection and
  • impecable precision.

   Particularly, the best result is achieved when we interpretate the client’s requirements in an intercultural way.
With such staff you are able to succeed in new markets, since for building manufacturing capacities or for expanding of sales you can count with those genuine change agents. Receive the stimulation of spirit and dynamics of the Central- or East European professionals without neglecting of your own corporate culture.

   How you make that? Spelleken Assoc. are since years specialists in developing and transition countries. In twelve countries of Europe and America we have established tandems: as much German managemant as necessary, as much local strength as possible. Thus we know the elites abroad and their compatibility with your corporate culture.

   The Steps:

  • Common clarification of requirements towards position and applicant
  • Mixed measures of media and direct search
  • Sorting of CVs, Scoring and Ranking I
  • Interview and Assessment of the favorite candidates, Scoring II
  • Synoptical profiling and judgement by the client
  • Selection talks with the client

   In your field, production abroad is a must. But you want to design your foreign investment strategically, to expand unerringly, and to control cost-oriented. We support you in setting up and in managing. Your revenues and current cost returns will be predictable, and you will need less staff for the management of your branches abroad.

   In particular, we offer you the following tools:

  • Feasibility studies for the set-up of your foreign branch: product, market, profitability and liquidity with our comprehensive business planning software.
  • Support for founding a subsidiary: issues in accordance with the letter of the law and requiring official approval, local and regional subsidies, search for the most suitable facility and our support during realisation.
  • Set-up of a production: based on the feasibility study including the facility search, planning
    of construction or rehabilitation, project management, facility management and set-up of production.
  • Plant and business management with a management contract: interim-management, production planning and controlling, production supervision, controlling, tax and customs support.
Tightening Processes and Sustaining Personnel by Production Reengineering™


Production Reengineering™


12 to 60 thsd. €

Implementation Period

12 to 24 weeks

Time-Lag to Impact

9 to 18 months

Type of Result

Assure ability to grow and maximum cost-efficiency

   Existing production facilities require a permanent care: providers are to be qualified, organisation structures to be developed and the staff to be changed unless you accept growing costs and sinking growth.

   Spelleken Assoc. have set up production since twenty years, composing management teams, comparing purchasing options and covering running management tasks. With such rich experience we use to tackle your  flow and conditions.

   By production reengineering within weeks we update the configuration of your production facilities reorganising crucial processes or confirming excellent solutions already achieved.

   The steps:

  • Status-Quo-Diagnosis
  • Calculus of production capacity and definition of limiting issues
  • Assessment and optimisation of the purchasing sources, the city works and the environmental & social risks
  • Diagnosis of the HR-satisfaction and the change options
  • Management information
  • Action planning with evaluation by ratios
  • Coaching and controlling
  • Evaluation and replanning
Co-operation Assistance

   Decreasing current-cost returns on the German and European markets require a courageous approach to new markets. Subsidiaries abroad generate further growth, both in acquisition and sales. By co-operation investment costs can be shared and local management talents can be employed. Cooperation, however, should be based on mutual benefit, inspire confidence, and should be on a long-term basis.

   We know the countries, the risks, the subsidies available, and have successfully accompanied many co-operations:

  • Events: study tours, trade fair participation, trade fair exhibition, entrepreneurs’ meetings, and direct presentation trips
  • Brief market study: based on selected indicators, a description of the relevant company’s situation in the country including competition, consumption pattern and or investors’ habits.
  • Market study: extensive description of the initial situation and conditions in the country, designed for corporate needs; market research and up-to-date market questionnaires based on significant indicators including potential analyses (sales as per industry sectors, distribution channels); according to selected ratios, description of the particular company’s situation in the country including competition, consumers’ and / or
    investors’ behaviour
  • Assessment and selection of potential partners for co-operation: pre-negotiation in the foreign country, contract design and presentation, moderation of an acknowledgement trip for contract manufacturing, common projects and merger, organisation of study tours abroad
  • Feasibility study with profit and loss calculus, liquidity forecast and bank-wise credit-application with conception and request of subsidies in the external economy
  • Marketing and promotion(strategies, concepts, brochures and web-sites)
Corporate Search abroad: Fitting Partners make Success with Match™




3 to 30 thsd. €

Implementation Period

6 to 12 weeks

Time-Lag to Impact

6 to 12 weeks

Type of Result

Market Penetration

   Spelleken Assoc. seek the one fitting dealer as your production or distribution partner in the target country of developing and transition countries. With creative search, analytical selection and precision in the intercultural interpretation and adoption of requirements we determine success. You will find the corporate partner who will challenge and use the market opportunities of yours.

   Significant growth can be reached in Eastern Europe or the other continent. Abroad framework and conditions are different, the markets still unfold. To go alone can be expensive, the alliance with a still hungry but well established local enterprise can help. Good references and sales’ network are a must, while willingness for growth and excellence are to be developed together.

   How to find such enterprises? Spelleken Assoc. are working with those countries for many years, handling their cultural code and language. We have established consulting tandems in more than twelve countries in Europe and the Americas: we manage as much as necessary in Alzenau, Germany, covering quality assurance, finance and monitoring, but we implement our projects with mainly local resources. Thus we know the elites in the country and their compatibility with your corporate culture.

   We identify the fitting foreign partner like we recruit high potentials.

   The followings are the steps to go:

  • Common clarification of the requirements
  • Mixed measures between institutional and direct search
  • Sorting by list, critical phone call, assessment, Scoring I
  • IInterview with the favorite candidates, Scoring II
  • Synoptical profiling and judgement by the client
  • Selection talks by the client in that country
Promotion of Investment and Trade

   As a non-governmental organisation or a public unit you plan to set-up service structures and to strengthen self-help capability in the partner country. You are interested in the organisation and marketing, but foremost in the development and co-operation by economic integration. Sustainable Management Resources and regenerative energies belong to that. We start at the human being and his management instruments, leading them to international standards. Workable, participative and sustainable organisations are our objectives.

  • Personnel development: personality, teamwork and organisation
  • Organisational development: goals, environment, change, and promotion
  • Self-Help-organisation: instruments, workflow, economy, and safeguarding results
  • Internet for self-help: recruitment instruments, networking, marketing for micro businesses,
    small and medium-sized companies and self-help-organisations
  • Instruments of self-finance for NGO’s: in particular SME-associations, organisations for
    export and investment promotion
  • Market places:co-operation exchanges, electronic market places
  • Site screening / market research: potential analysis of cities, regions, and municipalities
    based on selected features
  • Site marketing:for cities, administrative districts and countries
Additional Turnover in East Europe by Sales’ Expansion™


Sales' Expansion™


6 to 30 thsd. €

Implementation Period

12 weeks

Time-Lag to Impact

3 to 6 months

Type of Result

Millionary additional sales

   Spelleken Assoc. develop, check and complete your sales’ strategy in our wider Europe. Based on local and regional experience and tailor-made distributing partners we complement your sales channels, your promotion and your tools with a set of additional opportunities.

   While in the old EU and Northamerica we do not grow much, any more, the emerging markets in Central Europe come up with high recovery rates and backlog demand. To use this chance is a must for most of the established industries.

   The technological demand of the foreign locations bring other relevant options: there, some of your current logistical and sales instruments do still attract. The still unfolding markets absorb and confirm creative or even established sales policies with a smart monitoring.

   Spelleken Assoc. are specialised in developing and transition countries for many years. We have operative consulting teams in more than twelve countries of Europe and the Americas: we manage as much as necessary in Alzenau, Germany, covering quality assurance, finance and monitoring, but we implement our projects with mainly local resources. Therefore we know the best performing sales system there and their ability to fit with you.

  • Definition of the precise requirements and benchmarks for region and client
  • Local diagnosis, research and action planning
  • Training and coaching for the assurance of market maturity (if not given)
  • Identification of additional key sales partners
  • Measures for cristallisation and regional / national coverage
  • Diagnose, vor-Ort-Recherche und Aktionsplanung
  • Simultaneous strategies and their monitoring
  • Evaluation
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